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Glenn Aero and Space Test Facilities Booklet
Glenn Aero and Space Test Facilities Booklet

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Facility Fact

The Propulsion Systems Laboratory (PSL) has recently added the capability to simulate clouds of ice crystals and liquid water droplets.

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C2014-1930: Airless Spring Wheel Prototype in the Simulated Lunar Operations Laboratory

NASA Glenn's world-class facilities and expert staff help develop and verify cutting-edge technologies in the areas of aeronautics, aerospace and space. Our premier ground test facilities support powered flight through the atmosphere and beyond.
Facility Information
9'x15' Low-Speed Wind Tunnel (9x15)g NASA Glenn Research Facilities
View the complete list of all major facilities at GRC.
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Cover of the Aero and Space Facilities booklet NASA Glenn Research Center - Aero and Space Test Facilities Booklet (PDF - 4.0 MB)
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Vacuum tank facility in the Electric Propulsion Lab (EPL) Space and Aero Ground Test Facilities and Capabilities Charts (PDF)
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C-1996-1139: Technician adjusting model in the 8'x6' Supersonic Wind Tunnel Interested in testing in a NASA facility?
NASA Glenn Research Center provides ground test facilities to industry, government, and academia.
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Researcher adjust model in GRC's 10x10 foot supersonic wind tunnel Tackling Sonic Boom
NASA Centers team up to investigate sonic booms
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Gridded Ion Thruster Ion Propulsion for Deep Space Missions
NASA’s Evolutionary Xenon Thruster (NEXT)
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 Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration
LVC-DE is a simulation and flight test environment for unmanned aircraft.
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Power Systems Laboratory, PSL, Icing Spray Bar System PSL Icing Spray Bar System
The Power Systems Laboratory (PSL) has added an icing spray bar system for jet engine testing.
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NASA High Speed project propulsion model in the 8x6 NASA High Speed project propulsion model
The NASA High Speed project model was recently featured on the cover of Aerospace America.
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Payload test in the B-2 Super-TIGER Balloon Testing
GRC tested the Super-TIGER balloon payload which will study cosmic ray elements
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Close-up of fabricated aerogel disk. Meet an Aeromechanical Test Engineer
Christine Pastor-Barsi is an Aeromechanical Test Engineer at NASA Glenn Research Center.
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Close-up of fabricated aerogel disk. Aerogels: Thinner, Lighter, Stronger
GRC has invented groundbreaking methods of creating new types of aerogels.
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Animation frame of jet engine ingesting ice crystals Airplane Plus Heat Plus Ice Equals Mystery
Flight staff and icing experts investigate engine core ice accretion.
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Open rotor test in the 9x15 Communicating in Space
NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland is working on different parts of a new space suit.
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Aerojet LOX engine test Testing Future Engine Technology
This cryogenic liquid oxygen and liquid methane effort is part of the Propulsion and Cryogenics Advanced Development (PCAD) project at Glenn
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Ares I-X launch NASA Innovates through Research & Design
This year, five different NASA technologies were included on the list of R&D 100 winners.
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Engine test Metallic Foam Reduces Airplane Noise
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FIR rack preparation Glenn Space Science Hardware to Fly
The Fluids Integrated Rack (FIR) will be used to perform fluid physics experiments in space.
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Concept drawing of Mars Exploration Rover GRC Contributions to Mars Rovers
NASA used Glenn's Space Power Facility to test airbag and solar array performance.
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Featured Image
C2014-1822: Spiral Orbit Tribometer Installed on a Bridgeport Milling Machine
Spiral Orbit Tribometer installed in the Engine Research Building (ERB)

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Featured Video
Propulsion Systems Laboratory (PSL) enhanced icing capabilites
Propulsion Systems Laboratory (PSL) enhanced icing capabilites

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Image Gallery
Gallery of Facility Images
View a gallery of facility images from 2012

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Facility Fact Sheets
Aero-Acoustic Propulsion Laboratory (AAPL)
World-class facility provides outstanding testing services in aircraft noise reduction.
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Engine Research Building (ERB)
With over 60 test rigs, the ERB supports all aspects of engine development.
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PSL Icing Fact Sheet
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